This originally stared as way to get my own domain name to use for e-mail purposes. I already had one, but it was a kind of "silly" name which I didn't use much. When the .no domains were opened up for private individual to register (in 2014) I decided to get a new one with a bit more serious sounding name (and one that would be easier to spell). I wanted my last/family name so that I could use, but unfortunately someone had already registered that domain name. I could have chosen to use my first/given name instead, but decided to use the name of my "daughter". You can see her on the front page and read more about her here.

As I had an old PC which I didn't use for anything I though I might as well install a FTP server on it and use it for easy file transfer between my devices. Later this project evolved to include a HTTP server "just because I could". After a few crashed/problems (both on the PC and the Internet connection) I decided to move the HTTP part of it to a dedicated provider. It is currently hosted by Domeneshop which offers low prices on both the domain name and the hosting and in addition has a great website for self administration of everything I need (very practical if I want to test out new features/setup).

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